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Celebrating 50 years of Interrail

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Interrail, the brand launched an innovative project called ‘SoundTracks’ that provides real-time adaptive audio experiences for train passengers. The music is specifically created for each unique passenger’s journey. The SoundTrack creates an ever-changing soundtrack for each traveler and considers data points like location, scenery, time of day, and the weather.

“All we need from a user is their GPS location, we get that anonymously. Just from that metric, we can deduct all the other variables needed to run the experience. Basically what we did is ‘paint’ the map of Europe so the software knows if we’re in a major city, or the countryside, coastal region or the mountains.” According to Circus Family.

The SoundTracks experience is now live; however, according to the brand, “it’s best paired with the view from a train window.”

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