Free Work


Together with:
Jesse van Maanen

Phong Hyunh Camera
Sjoerd van Schagen Set-assistant

  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Light design

Red Bull SOS

Is it really worth the wings?

We both had our grievances with Red Bull (energy drink in general). So we set out to inform the general public of it’s harm.

We found multiple instances where people ‘high’ on Red Bull were acting weird and out of order. For example, a woman who lost her drivers license because of suspected drugs use, while only drinking Red Bull (12 cans). We also found multiple research documents with concrete evidence of Red Bull’s similarities to cocaine. Which shocked us. What became apparent is that consuming this ‘harmless’ drink has dark side effects.

Making cocaine out of Red Bull

To convincingly communicate the chemical process that we used to create a powder substance out of 7 cans of Red Bull, we decided to make a video with an underground vibe to subliminally communicate danger and illegal activities.

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Red Bull SOS

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