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  • Silver Spinaward AR/VR
  • Nominated | Spinawards
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • Presentation


David & Saul Augmented Museum

We set out to create a new chapter in museum experiences. Working together with Mauritshuis and Microsoft, art viewing as a whole was about to change. Unfolding layer upon layer to uncover hidden truths and mysteries never before seen. As a trial for Museum Night we created this experience to get a grasp on what museum visitors think of new technologies.

David & Saul

It was for us to think about the future of museums. How will augmentation influence art and your visit to a museum?
Augmented Reality should never replace an notorious art-piece like this Rembrandt (David and Saul). It should add to the experience: a way to present the mystery and story behind this art-piece. That’s why the sole purpose of this Mixed Reality Experience was to make the visitors wonder about what happened during the time this painting was conceived, painted and discussed passed trough years of research.

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