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New Dimensional Book

Experience a whole new way of reading a book.

Reading a book is for most a almost magical experience. You get transported into another world. The writer captures places and situations in his/her own style giving you the building blocks to make up a whole world in your head.

But, this has been the way of reading for so many years, and other than e-books – which, in my opinion, aren’t an improvement. – there are no new innovations. Libris, the holding company that oversees and owns most bookstores in the Netherlands wanted to take the next step in book reading and bookstores. Adding a new dimension to it.

There is a word for loving the smell of books, it’s called: Biblichor”. That’s what the purists say about the value of paper books, the smell. That’s why we created a new smell. Or rather, an whole new array of smells to give books an even stronger connection to the mind. 

Imagine reading a thriller, and you can smell the gunpowder while a gun is firede. Or a romance novel with the smell of rose pedals and champagne. A recipe book with all the smells of every dish. A historic novel set in the winefields of Italy or the musky smell of the Vatican in a Dan Brown novel.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Judge it by it’s smell.

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