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  • Nominated Shortlist Eurobest |  Guerrilla Marketing & Stunts
  • Nominated Shortlist Eurobest |  Use Of Events / Stunts
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  • Presentation

Lay’s Crispy Puffer Jacket

Lay’s Iconic Restaurant Flavours

3 iconic collaborations. Lay’s x Subway x KFC x Pizza Hut resulted in 3 iconic flavours. The whole campaign revolved around a TVC, a Uber Eats Dark Kitchen and The Crispy Puffer Jacket

The Crispy Puffer Jacket

Lay’s Retools Unwanted Chip Bags Into Modish, Snackable Puffer Jackets. upcycles the printed foil packaging of the losing flavours of both countries into futuristic puffer jackets you’d expect to have come from a streetwear label with a cult following. Amsterdam fashion label XPLCT Studios helped design and produce the outerwear. Recycled fashion from snack packaging makes for a “unique way to turn waste into fashion,”

Made from Recycled Lay’s bags
Filled with ±3000gr Lay’s Subway Teriyaki chips
Crowned by a 15gr Sterling Silver Chip zipper

The non-existant Uber Eats Restaurant

Lay’s Serves Potato Chips Inside KFC, Pizza Hut Boxes At A Fake Restaurant.

Lay’s was hoping to distribute the new Iconic Restaurant Flavours at KFC, Subway, and Pizza Hut locations, but the COVID-19 pandemic stunted its plans. So, we set up a “non-existent restaurant” and installed light-up logos of the three chains at the storefront.

At this 'fake' restaurant, customers could have their snacks delivered in the same way they could have their meals delivered, through UberEats with unique packaging from the restaurants to replicate the eating experience of the original dishes.

Crispy NFT's

The Crispy Puffer Jacket enters the Metaverse. As 5 hyper exclusive NFT’s that could be worn in Decentraland. Four of the five NFT’s could be won through a contest together with Subway
The final NFT was auctioned together with Sotheby’s and raised 12.000,- euros / 4,2 ETH
The proceeds go to Holland’s biggest anti Food waste charity.