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Heritage Travels

A family vacation like never before

The next step in personalised traveling. Everybody is tuning their vacations into fully optimised, all threats eliminated, preplanned trip. Now imagine you can take it a step further. But by taking it a step further, it evolves into a mystery vacation based on you and your data. And by human data, I mean human data or how it’s more commonly known DNA. Send your DNA via a saliva swap to Heritage Travels and your exclusive travel plan will be ready in a few days. It will include unique places, special hotels/inns/appartments close to places where your ancestors might have lived. Your entire family three will be available to you, you can literally retrace your ancestry and follow in the footsteps of your blood relatives. Where did your the grandfather of your grandfather live? Where did you come from? Your trip will be jam-packed with personal information, information left there by your ancestors. A travel experience that is truly in every way unique to you. Who doesn’t want to have a road trip that no one, ever, has been on before. 

A family vacation like never before.

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