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Data Oath

I solemnly swear…

Data has become the livelihood of our generation. It’s what fuels our everyday life and needs. On our phone, our laptop or surrounding you on a daily basis. It’s slowly become one of the most important and  necessary things of this and the coming era. However, when your phone dies, you blatantly give your device with all the stored data to a total stranger. Who can be part of a larger coorporation or just a nifty handyman you heard about from someone. But we have no guarantee that they’ll handle it with care and responsibly. I’ve read stories on the internet and dark-web about guys restoring people’s phones who just download the whole database for personal use. This could mean personal confidential information that is being harmed. These guys should have the same ethnical duty as other members of society who handle peoples ‘lives’. Just like doctors and surgeons, these people hold in their hands, your life. Your social life. The doctors took an oath, the Hippocratic oath. That’s why I created a new oath, for all those who handle sensitive data from other people. The data oath, or formally known as the Harpocratic oath. 

I solemnly swear...

Data Oath

I re-wrote the classic Hippocratic Oath, as an art-project, to illustrate the importance of data privacy and care. I took inspiration from the original latin version, the translated English version and literature about data and data surveillance. It's supposed to be used in the same fashion as the Hippocratic oath.

Read it here.

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