Thomas is a multi-artisinal creative. He’s a very resourceful guy, who knows how to make his instruments work for him. Whether we are talking about an Adobe program or a very sharp Japanese chef’s knife. Creatives who can direct their own hands as well as their thoughts are getting more scarce by the day. This is probably what makes Thomas an anomaly. But there’s more than sheer skill to the man. Especially when you consider his inexhaustible willingness to share his knowledge with others. Rarely do you come across people you can rely on to fix something for you without asking for anything in return. Well, he’s one of them. At times he gets so fixated on the problem, that he kind of makes it his own. Thomas might not be publicly religious, but he fully embraces the part of the Bible that says: ‘treat thou neighbour as thyself.’ If there’s anything you should take from this brief abundance of words, it’s that you’re dealing with a full-time professional human being here. And never ever turn down an invitation from him to cook you something. If you didn’t have taste before, you’ll have some now.

Dyon KaleuweeDear friend & Copywriter-forward Creative
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