I can’t stop listening to other people. Their conversations, I force myself to not eavesdrop. I’m fascinated by people’s fascinations. The inner workings of human minds are the most interesting thing there is. Do you know those TV-show about hoarders or collectors? Absolutely adore them. I believe there is nothing more contagious than enthusiasm and ambition.

Advertising for me means: purposefully changing someone’s internal frame of reference. Everybody has an opinion, because of their surroundings, upbringing, or experiences. But to broaden those opinions, to instigate new experiences, and to change their outlook on life is what advertising is all about. That’s why every opinion can be changed, it’s only a matter of perspective, cunning, and empathy to do so.

Junior Creative (One Show Mentorship Program)  at  Serviceplan Munich
Creative Freelancer at  The Brandfather
Junior Creative at Achtung!
Selection of best 24 young creatives 2019 at  24 Hour Pitch Young Dogs/ Rabobank
 Creative Intern at Achtung!
Jury Operator at  ADCN Awards
Selection of best 24 young creatives 2018 at  24 Hour Pitch Young Dogs/
Selection of best 24 young creatives 2017 at  24 Hour Pitch Young Dogs/ Nike
Creative Freelancer at Capitola
(Project-based work together with Ogilvy Amsterdam / Capitola)
Creative Intern at Capitola
Creative Intern at 0to9
Gold Experiential | The One Show (Young Ones) Vans
Bronze Intergrated  | The One Show (Young Ones) Vans
Merit Mobile  | The One Show(Young Ones) Spotify
Merit Digital  | The One Show (Young Ones) Spotify
Merit Experiential | The One Show (Young Ones) Spotify
Gold | Spinawards Social Volkswagen
Gold  | Spinawards Mobile Mauritshuis
Silver |  Spinawards Innovation Mauritshuis
Nominated | ADCN category Social – Volkswagen
Silver | Spinawards category VR & AR – Mauritshuis
Nominated | Spinawards category VR & AR – Mauritshuis
Design Award | Hackaton Dutch Health Leeuwarden
Exhibition Museum Tot Zover | Faraday Project
Gold | NRC Charity Awards Digital – Smoke Prevention Organisation
Published | NRC / NRC Next  – Smoke Prevention Organisation
Gold | Young Dogs – Libris
Silver | Young Dogs – 123RF
Bronze | Young Dogs – Cliniclowns
Bronze | Young Dogs – VVN